Golden Pavilion Kin-kaku Daily Incense by Shoyeido for Sacred Space, Meditation, Ritual, Devotions

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Shoyeido Daily Incense is a line of intentional, energetic, and uplifting fragrances perfect for daily use. Golden Pavilion is inspired by the spectacular Kinkaku-ji temple's reflection in Kyoko-chi pond. Made from a decades-old recipe, If you prefer incense that is a bit more on the earthy/spicy side without sacrificing the traditional subtlety of Japanese incense, Golden Pavilion fits the bill.

Shoyeido incense makes some of the finest Japanese incense and is burned in temples throughout Japan. Blended in Kyoto for over 300 years by masters using centuries-old incense recipes and techniques.

Lady Lorien's impressions: This blend highlights the warmth of sandalwood with a gentle touch of cinnamon and rounds it out with the barest hint of patchouli, making this a uniquely earthy incense. Personally, I wouldn't label this incense 'spicy' as I think it is more warm than hot, but the cinnamon and spices are definitely present in the blend. Golden Pavilion is a lovely incense to burn any time, day or night, and one that will be enjoyed by anyone that appreciates quality incense.

  • 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 8.75"
  • Fragrance Description: Sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli
  • Approx. burning time: 50 min. per stick

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