Great Origin Incense Handmade Shoyeido Japanese Koh for Sacred Space, Meditation, Ritual, Devotions

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Shoyeido Daily Incense is a line of intentional, energetic, and uplifting fragrances perfect for daily use. Great Origins combines sandalwood and cinnamon with other herbs to promote comfort and insight. 

Shoyeido incense makes some of the finest Japanese incense and is burned in temples throughout Japan. Blended in Kyoto for over 300 years by masters using centuries-old incense recipes and techniques.

Lady Lorien's impressions: As with all of Shoyeido's blends, they don't share every ingredient when listing the notes for each type of incense. So, while they state sandalwood and cinnamon as Great Origin's highlight, neither actually stand out clearly for me when I light a stick of this incense. This one is rich and woody, with a slightly sweet bitterness to it. It evokes the sense of walking through an ancient library filled with well-polished, natural rosewood shelves and gleaming desks, all of which are filled to overflowing with rows and rows of sacred texts. This one is perfect for burning while working, studying, or reading because it helps to keep your mind alert and focused. 

  • 1 bundle of 30 sticks, 8.75"
  • Fragrance Description: Sandalwood, cinnamon
  • Approx. burning time: 50 min. per stick

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