Five Hills Gozan Daily Incense by Shoyeido for Sacred Space, Meditation, Ritual, Devotions, Relaxing

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Shoyeido Daily Incense is a line of intentional, energetic, and uplifting fragrances perfect for daily use. The five legendary mountains enclosing the city of Kyoto provide inspiration for this mellow, deep blending of cloves with the finest sandalwood from Mysore, India. This aroma promotes an air of calmness and contemplation.

Shoyeido incense makes some of the finest Japanese incense and is burned in temples throughout Japan. Blended in Kyoto for over 300 years by masters using centuries-old incense recipes and techniques.

Lady Lorien's impressions: This incense strikes a blissful balance between woods and green spice. The smoothness of the high-grade Mysore Sandalwood creates a perfect foundation upon which the patchouli winds and weaves its way through the blend. The addition of clove provides balance, but it is clear that it is meant only to be hinted at and not focused on. As with all of Shoyeido's blends that include patchouli, it is obvious they aren't just focusing on the leaf but the whole of the plant which makes for an incredibly unique experience of it. I've never been a "patchouli person", often finding it cloying, but when experiencing it in Shoyeido blends I find myself feeling completely the opposite and wanting more. This is a perfect incense to burn in the evening or before bed. For those who suffer from anxiety, I highly recommend this incense as a natural path to calm.

  • 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 8.75"
  • Fragrance Description: Sandalwood, patchouli, clove
  • Approx. burning time: 50 min. per stick

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