Pyrolusite Tumbled Stone Large Rare AA+ for Transformation, Protection, Shadow Work, Meditation

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Lift your vibrations and transform your energy with our absolutely stunning, hand-polished pyrolusite tumbled stone. It is an incredibly rare stone and will be an excellent addition to your crystal cabinet.

Pyrolusite is a stone of transformation and confidence. This stone removes interference on all levels; it repels negativity and clears the mind. As it is excellent at repelling negativity, it also can be used for protection, especially against psychic attacks from any source.

As a stone of protection, pyrolusite will tone your aura, creating a shield that deflects and dispels negative energies. When not weighed down by auric negativity, you will feel more confident and optimistic about life. It encourages you to stand your ground with your beliefs while helping you to remain open-minded to changes for your highest good.

Pyrolusite helps you overcome self-harming tendencies, anxiety, and obsessive behaviors through the energetic transformations this stone brings.

Using pyrolusite:
- In meditation, use pyrolusite to do shadow work and to find harmony with the shadow or your darker aspects.
- Pyrolusite in the home, office, or car will add protection and shielding, leaving the energy of that space more zen-like.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for shape, size, and color variances.

The price is per stone.
Size: 2"-3"

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