Black Sardonyx Tumbled Crystal Large Strength, Protection, Stability, Reduce Overwhelm, Meditation

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Help reduce overwhelm with our gorgeous large black sardonyx tumbled crystal. These energetic crystals are excellent additions to your crystal cabinet for meditation or adding to crystal grids.

Black sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. This stone absorbs negativity, making it an excellent stone for when you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions or are in a stressful situation. It is said to promote virtuous conduct and integrity, which can bring lasting happiness and stability to relationships.

Black sardonyx can help you to increase self-control, improve perception, and strengthen your character. This stone is said to attract friends and good fortune.

Using black sardonyx:
  • Wear black sardonyx to keep yourself from being overwhelmed.
  • Add black sardonyx to a crystal grid for reducing stress, and releasing negative emotions.
  • Keep black sardonyx in your pocket or mojo back to alleviate depression and to call in self-control when you need it.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variations in shape, size, and color.

The price is per stone.
Size: from 1.25"-1.5”

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