Mugwort Black Sage Smudge Wand for Stimulating Dreams, Deepening Meditation, Enhancing Divination, Creating Sacred Space for Rituals

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Beautiful, wildcrafted, hand-tied mugwort smudge wand. Each one blessed and ready for use!

Smudging and the burning of herbs is an ancient practice used by many cultures across the world. Traditionally, the burning of herbs is used for cleansing and purification before a sacred ritual.

Mugwort, or black sage, can be used as an incense or smudge to facilitate a more profound meditation. This plant is sometimes known as “dream weed” for its ability to stimulate dreams. In addition to this, it is also associated with divination aiding us to be more open to the messages of spirit and from our divination tools.

Size: 4" - 5”
Price per smudge wand.

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