White Sage Smudge Small Torch Organic Stick for Smudging, Purification, Clears Negative Energy

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Our White Sage mini-torches are made with natural white sage that is harvested high in the mountains of California. The sage is then tied by hand and laid out to dry in the sun in the traditional way. We love the torch-style sage wands for smudging because they are so much easier to handle than the common sage bundle wands. By holding the dried sage stems safely at the base, your fingers are kept away from the hot embers as you carry the sage through your home, wave it around your body, or carry it during a ritual.

This 4" long White Sage mini torch smudge bundle is perfect for cleansing and ritual purification. Our White Sage is grown and wild-harvested high in the mountains of California. Traditionally used by the North American Indians as a means of purification. When lit, the smoldering bundle of herbs produces a highly aromatic fragrance. Great for trips or for single ritual, incense or purification use.

Each White Sage torch is at least 4" long and 1.25" in width. String colors vary.

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