Witch's Circle Boline Blessing & Consecration Kit: Bone-Handle Altar Knife, Organic White Sage, Incense

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Step into the sacred world of spiritual rituals with our Witch's Circle Boline Blessing and Consecration Kit. Perfectly curated for both novices and experienced practitioners, this kit combines the essentials for a potent, purifying ceremony. Light the incense then the sage and consecrate your boline into your magickal service with our unique and sacred ritual kit.

This Kit Includes:

- Witch's Circle Boline with Bone Handle
The Boline, a traditional witch's tool, has been revered for centuries for its significant role in rituals. Designed for inscribing, cutting herbs, and various ceremonial tasks, our Boline boasts a genuine bone handle, ensuring each piece is not only functional but also intrinsically powerful. Its curved blade mirrors the crescent moon, channeling the energies of the divine feminine. The beautiful handle is crafted from ethically harvested camel or ox bone.

The boline comes complete with a protective leather sheath for safe storage.

Boline length: 6" Blade length: 3 1/2"

-White Sage Smudge Bundle
The kit includes an organic White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle renowned for its cleansing properties. White Sage is traditionally used to purify your space, cleanse negative energies, and usher in positivity, ensuring a balanced and sacred environment for your spiritual endeavors. Use this smudge bundle to cleanse and consecrate your boline prior to putting it into magickal use.

-Ritual Incense Stick
No ritual is complete without the aromatic touch of incense. Our ritual-sized mini incense stick brings an enchanting fragrance to any ceremony, elevating your senses and deepening your connection to the spiritual realm. Light the included stick of ritual incense when preparing your consecration ritual to focus your intention and manifest the sacred in your space. Fragrances vary and we will select from one of our 40+ handmade scents to include with your kit!

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