Wise Woman's Boline Folding Ritual Knife with Natural Bone Handle Damascus Steel for Witch's Altar

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The Wise Woman’s Boline is crafted with a creamy natural bone handle made from ethically harvested stag or camel bone and is accented with wood and metal designs. It features a curved and sharpened Damascus Steel blade, perfect for inscribing candles, cutting herbs, preparing spell ingredients, or for the witch's altar use. This beautiful and unique boline comes complete with a leather sheath for blade protection and safe storage.

The boline is the traditional cutting tool utilized in modern Wicca and Witchcraft. Different than the athame, which is used for directing and working with ethereal energy and has a double-sided blade and black handle, the boline is white-handled and has a single curved blade perfect for cutting. Employed solely as a practitioner's magickal tool, the boline is used to harvest and gather herbs and spell ingredients, carve candles, prepare ingredients for magickal use, and a myriad of other uses where a blade is needed. The boline is meant to be put to work and become an active part of your magickal practice.

This is a handcrafted item and each boline is unique. Expect natural color variations in the bone handle and Damascus striations. Each part of this boline is cut and finished by hand, please expect some imperfections as these are not machine-made.

4” closed
3.25” stainless steel blade
7.25” approximate total length open

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