Herbalist's Boline with Bone Handle for Ritual Work, Wicca, Witchcraft, Herbalists, Gardening, Altar Tools, Candle Inscription

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The Herbalist's Boline is crafted with a beautiful creamy bone handle and features a beautiful curved and sharpened blade, perfect for cutting herbs and other items used in herbalism recipes or for the witch's altar use. This beautiful and unique boline comes complete with a decorative sheath for blade protection and safe storage. 

The boline is a white-handled ritual knife and is a traditional witch's tool. Traditionally, it is used for cutting, whereas the athame is for directing energy. The boline is primarily used for harvesting herbs, cutting cords, and inscribing candles.  

This beautiful and unique boline comes complete with a protective black sheath for safe storage. 

Size: 6" overall, the blade measures 2.5"

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