Triquetra Incense & Mini Candle Holder with Green Aventurine Inlay Round Laser Etched for Ritual

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Radiating with crystal energy, our triquetra incense holder inlaid with genuine dark green aventurine gemstones makes for a versatile and stunning addition to any altar or sacred space. This beautiful incense and mini candle holder is handmade with mango wood that has been cut and laser-etched then inlaid with genuine gemstones. It can be used as a portable altar, as well! Place a mini candle into the brass cup, and a stick of incense in the hole created for them. The brass cup also serves as a holder for cone incense. 

Do not leave candles unattended. Due to potential fire risk, we recommend snuffing your candles before they reach the lip of the cup.

Size: 4” diameter

About the crystal chips:

Green Aventurine is a stone of vitality, growth, and confidence. It carries an energy of optimism and confidence helping you to move forward in situations whether they are new or stressful. It brings a zest for life, assisting in the aspects that challenge us so that we can continue to forge ahead on our path. 
Some say that green aventurine is a stone of good luck, and recommend it for manifesting prosperity. This crystal brings a sense of hope and optimism, helping you to see the joy in your everyday life. It can help in situations where your actions do not determine the outcome, making it an excellent stone for gambling, an audit, or even a first date.
Green Aventurine can help to clear your emotional body as well as the heart chakra. Through this connection, it aids in empowering you to release any attachments to outcomes, therefore, allowing you to experience the situation entirely.

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