Moon Goddess Incense & Mini Candle Holder with Rainbow Moonstone Inlay Round for Rituals

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Radiating with crystal energy, our moon goddess incense holder inlaid with genuine rainbow moonstone gemstones makes for a versatile and stunning addition to any altar or sacred space. This beautiful incense and mini candle holder is handmade with mango wood that has been cut and laser-etched then inlaid with genuine gemstones. It can be used as a portable altar, as well! Place a mini candle into the brass cup, and a stick of incense in the hole created for them. The brass cup also serves as a holder for cone incense.

Do not leave candles unattended. Due to potential fire risk, we recommend snuffing your candles before they reach the lip of the cup.

Size: 4” diameter

About the crystal chips:

Rainbow Moonstone helps us recognize the “ups and downs” in life while gracefully acknowledging the cycles of change. It works to bring universal energies, making them accessible for use. It is a stone for “feeling” and understanding via emotion and intuition rather than intellect. It brings us flames of insight, stimulating intuitive recognition, and helps us to apply intuited knowledge practically.

Rainbow Moonstone is known to cleanse negativity from the chakras, enhancing the feminine aspects of nature. This crystal is known to stimulate confidence and composure while allowing us to understand that there is no situation so complicated that we cannot conquer that with diplomacy.

Rainbow Moonstone promotes clairvoyance in women and stimulates emotional balance in men. For all, moonstone clears the aura and activates the third-eye and crown chakras. This stone evokes patience, teaching you the value of divine timing. It allows you to nurture your path while not forcing direction or growth.

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