Spell Weaver Witch Athame with Braided Pewter Handle for Ritual, Energy Direction, Altar Knife

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Featuring a gorgeous open-weave pewter handle adorned with a sapphire blue resin gem, our Spell Weaver Witch Athame is an excellent addition to any witch's working tools.

The athame is a classic witch's tool and is used to direct intention and focus. They are not used to physically cut items, that's left to the witch's boline, but instead used in energetic workings, such as calling the quarters during a ritual, cutting an opening in a ritual circle, and other magickal uses.

Athame Details-
Overall Length: 7.25"
Blade: 4" stainless steel
Width: 1.25" at widest point
The sheath is black composite with pewter accents.
The handle is woven pewter design adorned with sapphire resin gem.

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