Conjurer's Damascus Athame for Ritual, Ceremony, Energy Direction, Focus, Intention, Altar Knife

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Our beautiful Conjurer's Athame is finely crafted with a highly polished Damascus steel pommel, brown sculptured heartwood grip, and a perfectly balanced, dual-edged Damascus steel blade. This powerful athame includes a protective, stitched leather sheath. Made to last a lifetime and ready to be put into magickal service.

The athame is a classic witch's tool and is used to direct intention and focus. They are not used to physically cut items, that's left to the witch's boline. Athames are used in energetic workings, such as calling the quarters during a ritual, cutting an opening in a ritual circle, and other magickal uses.

Sheath styles and colors may vary.

As these items are handmade, please anticipate slight imperfections. They are normal in the crafting process and do not deter from their use.

Detailed dimensions:
Overall length: 12.5"
Blade: 7.5" double-edged Damascus steel
Handle: 5.25"
Blade width at widest point: 7/8"
Handle width at the guard: 1"
Handle width: 5/8" at the most narrow point to 1" at its widest

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