Smoky Quartz Stargazers Pendulum Divination, Decision Making, Finding Items, Spirit Communication

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A gorgeous, polished smoky quartz gemstone pendulum with incredibly striking imagery come together to help you manifest amazing magick. The shining star disc, with its powerful inscription on the back, is sure to be a beautiful addition to your pendulum divination arsenal.

A pendulum is a simple and easy tool used for both divination and dousing. It is an aid for communicating with the subconscious mind and the subtle energy fields surrounding people, plants, animals, and objects. It can be used to answer simple yes/no/maybe questions or with a spirit board or other grid for more advanced practitioners.

Individually handmade with gifts from Mother Earth. Please allow for slight stone variations in size, color, and structure.

About the stone:
Smoky quartz is one of the premier stones for grounding.  It can help even the "flakiest or spaciest" of folks find their way to earth to function fully.

If you are working with the higher realms, smoky quartz can help you come back to the physical world and into your body.  It is highly beneficial to use smoky quartz after any meditation or ritual work to help facilitate a grounded spirit.
Smoky quartz is also known to enhance organization and practicality.  It can lend focus if you are needing it to help achieve goals or for patience.  Another benefit of working with smoky quartz is the protective energies it vibrates in your environment.  It is known to absorb and transmute nearly unlimited amounts of negativity by grounding it to the Earth where it can be neutralized.

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