Rainbow Aura Agate Crystal Bubble Cluster, Botryoidal for Balance, Cleansing, Well-Being, Protection

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Our stunning, extra-large Rainbow Aura botryoidal agate is truly energetic and vibrant in shades of blue, purple, gold, and pink. These bubble clusters make a stunning addition to your crystal collection. Pictures of these stones do not do them justice!

Titanium molecules are bonded to the agate at high heat and the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal. Titanium is one of the strongest and most beautiful of all metals. The fantastic colors are permanent and will neither rub off nor fade. Because the colors are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, and not by a dye, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: from 1"-2"+ diameter

About the stone:
Agate provides for the balancing of yin/yang energy and for balancing the physical and subtle bodies. It stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect that also smoothes out discordant energies to transform and eliminate those very energies. It further assists in the evaluation and application of knowledge of what is required to manifest personal well-being. It supports and enhances clear thought, improves mental activities, and stabilizes the mind. It also protects from negative energy.

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