Pink Kunzite Natural Raw AA+ Crystal Nugget Pendant Hand Set in Sterling Silver

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Dive into the ethereal charm of our Pink Kunzite Natural Raw AA+ Crystal Nugget Pendant, set exquisitely in gleaming sterling silver. Revered for its majestic beauty and potent healing properties, Kunzite is often considered a jewel that bridges the earthly and divine.

- High-Quality Crystal: Every pendant boasts an AA+ grade genuine Kunzite crystal, ensuring you get the very best in both beauty and energy.
- Handcrafted Excellence: Each glowing Kunzite nugget is meticulously hand-set in pure sterling silver, making every piece unique.
- Divine Healing: Known for its powers to summon serenity, love, and emotional healing, this pendant not only adorns but also aligns your spirit.
- All-Natural Elegance: Revel in the raw and organic allure of Kunzite. Its natural pink hue adds a touch of delicate femininity to any attire.

Elevate your jewelry collection and spiritual journey with this exquisite Pink Kunzite pendant. Perfect for those who seek a connection with the divine or simply wish to wear a piece of earth's natural artistry. Order now and let the magic of Kunzite bring love and tranquility to your life.

Size: approximately 1"-1.25" h to 0.5"-0.75" w (to top of bail)

As these stones are unique and natural gifts from Mother Earth, allow for variation in shape, size, and color.

About kunzite:
Kunzite is a stone of Divine love, emotional healing, and gentle serenity. This crystal can help open the heart to the frequency and energies of love, in all its forms - self-love, interpersonal, love for animals, humanity, and all that is. Kunzite vibrates at high love frequency, when one works with this stone there is a tendency to move towards resonance of that same energy.

Kunzite carries a beautiful energy that helps to teach us the value of joy and celebration. When we experience joy, our heart is open to truly receive love from the divine source. Through this vibrational frequency, kunzite helps us to release blockages that surround the heart. It encourages one to approach life with delight and joy as a child receiving a gift may react. It is a powerful agent in healing the emotional body. It can help you to release fear and move more fully into joy and delight in this life.

Using Kunzite:
- Carrying kunzite helps you move through the day with kindness, gentleness, and serenity.
- Meditation with this stone can help you align with the profound experiences of Universal Love.
- Place kunzite next to your water bottle to infuse the water with love, joy, and empathy.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

1" to 1.25" h to .5-3/4" w (to top of bail - size approx as stones vary)

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