Moon Phases Peace to this Woman Pendant Necklace with Labradorite for Magick, Insight, and Peaceful Energies

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These stunning pewter pendant necklaces are beautiful talismans of positive intention and blessings. Seated at the heart of this incredible pendant is a hand-polished, natural labradorite cabochon, which is circled with imagery of the phases of the moon.

About Labradorite:

Labradorite is a stone bridging the dimensions allowing users to consciously pierce the veil between our mundane/waking world and the other worlds of spirit. In wearing or working with labradorite, one disconnects from tendencies to attempt to control others, while one bonds deeply with the knowledge that self-mastery is the path to fulfillment and ultimately peace.  Despite its dark outer appearance, labradorite holds a rainbow of brilliant hues visible only when the stone is held in the light.  This effect, in essence, mirrors the energy of this gemstone ally, enabling you to move through the unseen realms while purifying your own energies in the light.

Each pewter pendant is sized at 1.2” wide and is presented on a gorgeous stainless steel 18” chain. Proudly handcrafted in the USA.
*As stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in color and markings.

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