Black Agate & Labradorite Hexagon Point with Tibetan Silver Moon Pendant for Grounding, Magick

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Topped with a Tibetan Silver cap featuring a crescent moon, our Black Agate and Labradorite Hexagonal Pendant Point is a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Elegant enough to wear out yet lovely for daily wear, we know you will love this pendant as much as we do.

Size: 53mm x 23mm

About the stones:

Black agate is a stone of grounding and centering, like most of the black crystals, tend to be. It helps you find and soothingly organize your life. You may find yourself more balanced and ready to make any changes that are needed in your life. Black agate is said to help you release ties to your third-eye chakra, cutting the cords that are tied to anyone or anything harmful or manipulative towards you. Black agate will assist you in healing emotional trauma. Through its harmonizing vibration, your confidence in your path and life will increase. With the clarity and confidence restored, you will find yourself more open to creating lasting positive changes in your life.

A true gemstone of magick, labradorite awakens the awareness of your innate magick in those who carry, wear or work with it. The term “magick” refers to the mental and intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, past-life recall, psychic reading, and communication with spirit guides. Labradorite is a stone ideally suited to facilitating the enhancement of magickal and spiritual abilities as it will activate the inner eye. It is a stone bridging the dimensions allowing users to consciously pierce the veil between our mundane/waking world and the other worlds of spirit. In wearing or working with labradorite, one disconnects from tendencies to attempt to control others, while one bonds deeply with the knowledge that self-mastery is the path to fulfillment. Despite its dark outer appearance, labradorite holds a rainbow of brilliant hues visible only when the stone is held in the light. This effect, in essence, mirrors the energy of this gemstone ally, enabling you to move through the unseen realms while purifying your own energies in the light.

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