Magick & Power Incense Collection Curated for Ritual, Attraction, Manifestation, Spells, Divination

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Our Magick and Power Incense Collection has been selectively curated and hand-crafted with powerful magickal energies. This collection contains five packs of ten premium incense sticks for a total of 50 sticks. Our Magick and Power Incense Collection will help you to bring power, manifestation, intention, and magick to your spells & rituals, or everyday life.

10 sticks - Third Eye Handmade Incense - Heliotrope & Dark Attars
10 sticks - Ritual Handmade Incense - Dark Patchouli & Ambergris
10 sticks - Witchcraft Handmade Incense - Zanzibar Spice & Vanilla Sugar
10 sticks - Attraction Handmade Incense - Wildflower Honey & Tahitian Vanilla
10 sticks - Manifesting Handmade Incense - Vanilla Bean & Ceylon Cinnamon

Mystical and exotic, our magickal incense is created with the intention of energy raising, celebration, and spiritual empowerment.

Incense is also used as a perfect home fragrance to bring magick and energy into your sacred space.

Five packages of ten Magick and Power handmade incense sticks, a total of 50 sticks in a resealable pack to retain freshness.

Each stick burns for about one hour.

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