Elementals Incense Collection Curated for Elemental Magick, Sacred Space, Meditation, Power, Energy

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Our Elementals Incense Collection has been selectively curated and hand-crafted with the energy of each element (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). Each of these scents will help you to bring elemental harmony, balance, and magick to your spells, rituals, and everyday life. This collection contains five packs of ten premium incense sticks for a total of 50 sticks.

10 sticks - Air Incense
10 sticks - Fire Incense
10 sticks - Water Incense
10 sticks - Earth Incense
10 sticks - Spirit Incense

Mystical and exotic, our magickal incense is created with the intention of energy raising, celebration, and spiritual empowerment.

Incense is also used as a perfect home fragrance to bring magick and energy into your sacred space.

Five packages of ten Elementals Collection handmade incense sticks for a total of 50 sticks, each in a resealable package to retain freshness.

Each stick burns for about one hour.

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