Lapis Lazuli Polished Worry Stone for Spiritual Guidance, Activate Third Eye, Enhance Intuition

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Carry this lapis lazuli polished worry stone in your pocket to take out and gently rub when you need a little spiritual guidance or to invoke the inner king or queen, and reduce a little stress in the process. Worry stones are small, polished crystals or stones that are often oval with indentations on one side to fit your thumb. They are used to help reduce stress and anxiety through the simple action of rubbing the indentation with your thumb.

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that has uses dating back to ancient times and in some cultures was treasured more highly than gold. 

As a stone of both royalty and spirituality, lapis carries with it the energy to activate the inner king or queen within us.  Lapis is a prime gem to work with when delving into the deeper inner mysteries and journeys. This crystal helps you move your consciousness past the mundane, allowing you to identify habits, patterns, or lessons that you may have difficulty in seeing consciously. 
Lapis lazuli activates the third eye, allowing you to receive and access enhanced intuition and spiritual guidance. Lapis lazuli can help enhance your meditative journeys. This stone is said to be good for clairvoyance and precognition, making it an excellent tool for development and refinement of psychic abilities.
Lapis lazuli, traditionally, has been used to assist in connecting with the Gods and invoking “Divine Inspiration”.  It is the stone of the seeker + student alike, stimulating one’s desire for knowledge and understanding. 
Using lapis lazuli:
  • Wearing lapis lazuli over the throat chakra will help you discern and speak the truth in all situations. 
  • Meditate with lapis lazuli to enhance meditation, especially if you are looking for information of past civilizations or the path before you.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

Size: 1.5"-2"

Price is per stone.

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