Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pendulum for Divination, Dowsing, Psychic Readings, Intuition, Knowledge

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A pendulum is a simple and easy tool used for both divination and dousing. It is an aid for communicating with the subconscious mind and the subtle energy fields surrounding people, plants, animals, and objects. It can be used to answer simple yes/no/maybe questions or with a spirit board or other grid for more advanced practitioners.

Each piece is individually made so colors and inclusions may vary. Pendulums will be intuitively chosen at the time of order.

About Lapis Orgonite:

Lapis lazuli, traditionally, has been used to assist in connecting with the Gods and invoking “divine Inspiration”. It is the stone of the seeker and student alike, stimulating one’s desire for knowledge and understanding.

Orgonite is a composite material made of resin, metals, and gemstones that are meant to balance and harmonize bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi, or prana The crystal orgonite pendulums are made up of natural crystals and often metals layered in resin. The combination is said to amplify the ability of the stones.

As a stone of both royalty and spirituality, lapis carries with it the energy to activate the inner king or queen within us. Lapis is a prime gem to work with when delving into the deeper inner mysteries and journeys. It is said to activate the third eye, allowing you to receive and access enhanced intuition and spiritual guidance.

Size: Stone approx. 1½" long; Pendulum approx. 9" long overall.

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    Published by Jamie on 20th Jul 2020

    Beautiful pendulum. I really wanted a unique one and this really resonated with me. So lovely!

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