High Magick Damascus Steel & Twisted Pakkawood Athame for Ritual, Directing Energy, Focus, Altar Knife

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Call to the four directions and cast your circle with our High Magick athame. Finely crafted with a gorgeous, Damascus steel blade. The blackened pakkawood handle features a stainless steel guard adorned with hand-polished brass accents. This spectacular blade comes complete with a stitched leather sheath and is ready to be put into magickal service for the working witch!

Damascus steel is a form of steel first created specifically for sword making as far back as 300 BCE in the Middle East. Its distinctive banding pattern is reminiscent of the flow of universal energy.

The athame is a classic witch's tool and is used to direct intention and focus. They are not used to physically cut items, that's left to the witch's boline. The athame instead is used in energetic workings, such as calling the quarters during a ritual, cutting an opening in a ritual circle, and other magickal uses.

This is a handcrafted item and each athame is unique. Expect natural color variations in the Damascus striations. Each part of this athame is cut and finished by hand, please expect some imperfections as these are not machine-made.

Size: approximately 12.5" overall with 7" Damascus steel blade.

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