Danish Flag Poppy Plant Seeds for Attracting Bees & Helpful Insects, Used in Spells for Fertility

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The flower on the Danish Flag Poppy is a more abundant blossom that is red and frilled, with a large white cross resembling the Danish Flag. Poppies are excellent for attracting bees and beneficial insects.

Poppies are considered useful in spells for fertility, love, money, luck, sleep, and invisibility. Each color of poppy can enhance a spell using that specific color magick in coordination to the general poppy uses, for example using a blue poppy in a sleep spell to enhance the calming effects.

Cultivation: Hardy in zones 5-9. Germination for this poppy, in cool soils, takes 1 to 2 weeks. In the warmer zones, sow in fall to overwinter as a rosette, the plant will increase significantly come spring and flower prolifically. In the East or colder states, it is better to sow in the spring and thin well, side dress with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Flowering will occur in early summer.

Packet of 100 organic Danish Flag Poppy (Papaver somniferum) seeds.

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