Vervain Blue Organic Plant Seeds for Herbalist's Garden, Use in Spells for Love and Wealth

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Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) is an upright, creeping, self-seeding herbaceous perennial with significant use in medicine and ritual. It is native to the Eastern US with bright blue flowers on reddish-tinted plants, in multiple, long-lasting spikes.

Blue vervain is known for treating depression, cramps, headaches indigestion, colds, and fevers. You can use both the leaves and flowers in teas and tinctures. Be aware that it does have a bitter flavor to it. Add vervain to ritual baths (or showers) to clear negative energies before ritual work. Vervain may be used in love spells meant to rekindle a dwindling love. Burn the leaves of this plant to attract wealth.

Cultivation: Hardy in zones 3-7. Plants prefer full sun to part shade and moist garden soils. Good drainage is not a necessary prerequisite. If there is a concern that the plant will spread, then keep it in a pot, or provide other suitable barriers. Sow in the early spring or give 2 weeks cold conditioning by putting seeds in a moist medium in a plastic bag in the fridge (not freezer) and then sow in warm soil. Germinates in 2 to 4 weeks. Space plants 6 inches apart.

Packet of 100 organic Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) seeds.

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