Celestial Incense Sticks Arabian Jasmine & Stargazer Lily Handmade Divine Power, Wisdom, Wishes, Guidance, Enlightenment, Astrology, Faith

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Experience the divine harmony of the universe with our Celestial Handmade Incense Sticks, crafted to elevate your senses and enhance your surroundings. Each stick is a unique blend of fragrant Arabian Jasmine, intoxicating Stargazer Lily, and the earthy undertones of Himalayan Cedar.

Heavenly Aroma:
The sweet, floral notes of Arabian Jasmine blend seamlessly with the heady, intoxicating scent of Stargazer Lily. This luxurious combination is perfectly rounded out with the earthy, grounding essence of Himalayan Cedar, creating a balanced and harmonious fragrance.

Handcrafted Quality:
Our incense sticks are meticulously handmade, ensuring each stick burns smoothly and evenly, releasing a consistent, delightful fragrance that gently fills your room.

Elegant Packaging:
Presented in a beautifully designed and resealable package, our Celestial Handmade Incense Sticks make an exquisite gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.

Experience divine magic and burn one of our Celestial incense sticks, allowing its divine fragrance to elevate your senses to an ethereal realm. It's not just an incense stick; it's an experience.

10 handmade premium incense sticks per resealable pack.

Price shown is for one (1) pack of 10 handcrafted incense sticks.

Not included: Wooden incense burner shown is our Double Stick Wooden Trough Ash Catcher and is available for purchase here.

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