Cauldron Incense Sticks Pink Lotus & Egyptian Neroli Handmade for Transformation, Goddess, Divine Feminine, Wisdom, Healing, Abundance

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Transform your space into a mystical sanctuary with our handmade Cauldron Incense Sticks, where the exotic and richly honeyed fragrance of Pink Lotus melds seamlessly with the sweetly spiced undertones to create an atmosphere of pure enchantment and enlightenment. Each stick is carefully hand-crafted to elevate your sensory experience, infusing your surroundings with a captivating aroma that soothes the soul and ignites the imagination. Evoking the sacred Cauldron of knowledge, this beautiful fragrance calls on the wisdom of the goddess Cerridwen, opening pathways to knowledge, wisdom, and transformation.

Fragrance Notes:
Our Cauldron Incense Sticks are not just a sensory experience but a journey through time and space. The Pink Lotus, known for its enchanting beauty and calming properties, blends harmoniously with the uplifting and rejuvenating scent of Egyptian Neroli. This unique combination creates a fragrance that is both grounding and invigorating, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or simply adding a touch of magic to your daily life.

The sticks are beautifully packaged in a resealable bag to ensure freshness, making them a perfect gift for loved ones or a luxurious treat for yourself.

Usage Tips:
Light the tip of the incense stick and allow it to glow. Blow out the flame and place the stick in an incense holder. Enjoy the transformative journey as the cauldron's essence fills your space.

Whether you're looking to enhance your meditation practice, create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, or simply enjoy a moment of peace, Sacred Mists Shoppe's Cauldron Incense Sticks are the perfect choice. Experience the enchanting fusion of Pink Lotus and Egyptian Neroli, and let your senses embark on a journey of discovery and enduring wisdom.

The price is per package of 10 handmade incense sticks.

Not included: Wooden incense burner shown is our Double Stick Wooden Trough Ash Catcher and is available for purchase here.

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