Triple Goddess Pentacle Copper Altar Bowl Kit with Organic White Sage Smudge Stick & Ritual Incense

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Immerse yourself in the ancient practices of energy cleansing and ritual offerings with our premium Triple Goddess Pentacle Copper Smudge and Offering Bowl Kit. Crafted for the spiritually attuned and those seeking balance in their lives, this kit is more than just a collection of tools—it’s a gateway to a deeper connection with the universe.

100% Genuine Organic White Sage Stick - Our ethically sourced, California grown and harvested, organic white sage is revered for its potent cleansing properties, allowing you to clear negative energies from your surroundings. With its rich, aromatic scent, it serves as a perfect tool for purification and restoration. Grown on Native American lands by local Southern California tribes.

Stunning Copper Offering Bowl - Embellished with the sacred Triple Goddess Moon and Pentacle design, this copper bowl is not only an eye-catching addition to any altar or sacred space but also a conduit for channeling your intentions. Its natural copper construction ensures durability and enhances the energetic vibrations of your offerings.
Size: Approximately 3" diameter.

Premium Handmade Ritual Incense - Elevate your spiritual practices with our hand-selected incense. When lit, its transcendental fragrance sets the ideal ambiance for meditation, prayer, or ritual work. You'll receive one ritual-sized mini stick of our handmade incense selected from one of over 40 inspired fragrances that we offer right here at Sacred Mists Shoppe!

Why Choose Our Kit?
Our Triple Goddess Pentacle Copper Smudge and Offering Bowl Kit offers a harmonious blend of tradition and quality. It's designed for both novices and seasoned practitioners alike, ensuring an elevated spiritual experience, ritual after ritual.

Rediscover clarity, peace, and purpose. Cleanse, offer, and connect with the Triple Goddess Pentacle Copper Smudge and Offering Bowl Kit.

Note: Always remember to use smudge bowls, smudge sticks, and incense with care, ensuring proper ventilation and never leaving them unattended.

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