Hamsa Hand Necklace Stainless Steel for Protection Against Evil Eye, Good Luck, Happiness

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Surround yourself with protection and blessings of luck with this Hamsa Hand Necklace!

Made with non-reactive, non-magnetic, polished stainless steel and featuring a beaded chain cast in the same material. This necklace is extremely tough and durable.

About the symbol:
The Hamsa Hand (also called Hamesh Hand, Hand of Miriam, and Hand of Fatima) is a talisman that originates in the ancient Middle East and is shaped like a hand with three extended fingers in the middle with variations on the placement of the thumb and pinky finger. Most often it is associated with Judaism but is also found in some branches of Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam with recent adoption into New Age spirituality. It is thought to be protective against the "evil eye" and thought to bring good luck and happiness.

All parts of this necklace are made in the USA with the finest stainless steel findings available.

Pendant- 1" x 3/4"
Chain length- 23.5"

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