Supreme Sampler Hand-Rolled Masala Incense Sticks by Mystic Temple Incense for Devotions, Offerings

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Supreme Sampler assortment of premium incense sticks by Mystic Temple Incense. This is a traditional, Indian masala and durbar herbal incense. Each stick is hand-rolled with a blend of pure herbs, flowers, resins, oils, and woods. We recommend this exceptional, handmade incense. This sampler pack is a perfect way to try new incense before buying a larger, single fragrance pack. Simply light, let the incense stick smolder, and find your new favorite. We bet you'll have a hard time choosing between them!

Pack includes one hand-rolled stick of each of the following masala and durbar incense blends:

  • Tuberose
  • Firduous
  • Jasmine
  • Holy Kusa
  • Frankincense
  • Kesar Chandan
  • Supreme Champa
  • Supreme Amber
  • Sandal Essence
  • Patchouli Essence

8" long sticks. 15-gram weight. 10 color-coded sticks per pack.

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