Vesuvianite Idocrase Crystal Tumbled Stone for Enlightenment, Heart Chakra, Healing

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Vesuvianite (also known as Idocrase) gets its name from the mountain where it was first discovered, Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy. 
Vesuvianite is typically known as a heart chakra stone but it is attuned to all chakras, offering some benefit to each. This stone encourages us to link to our higher self, allowing us to gain insights into the true desires of our heart. Vesuvianite is a highly energetic stone aligning your will to your heart; this alignment enables us to see the solution of the battle between the ego and the self. If you are looking to make a change in your life and want it to be uninhibited by destructive aspects of your ego, vesuvianite may help you find that direction.
Vesuvianite is useful for manifesting your heart's desires by supporting you as you begin the journey towards walking the true path or calling in life. It helps you find the courage to make changes in all aspects of your life from a job, relationships, habits, even thoughts, and emotions.
The high vibration of vesuvianite enhances the feeling of enlightenment that comes from connecting to the divine. It brings about a reflective clarity that will clear doubt, negativity, depression, and feelings of being trapped or stuck. It helps heal hurtful past-life experiences, or may merely shed light on them to bring about healing. This stone is useful for combatting negative thoughts while bringing enthusiasm back to your life. It helps to inspire the release of fears and limiting beliefs, bringing about the transformation of heart and mind.
Using Vesuvianite:
  • Wear vesuvianite over your heart chakra to inspire courage in speaking your heart's desire and walking your true path.
  • Include this stone in a crystal grid with labradorite and jet for journeying through the inner landscapes of your mind activating the connection of divine guidance and magick to your path.
  • Place vesuvianite next to your water bottle to charge the water for expressing and manifesting transformation and healing. 
As these stones are a natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: 3/4" - 1.25”

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