Stromatolite Fossil Tumbled Stone for Seekers, Transformation, Ancestral Energies, Harmony

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Stromatolite holds within it wisdom from the oldest fossil on Earth, possibly billions of years old, containing energies from the ancient world. This stone takes you back to the far ages of our planet and, in that process, helps you to delve deep into closely guarded ancestral secrets. 
Stromatolite is a stone of seekers and transformation. It is a soft, soothing stone with the ability to reconnect you to the primordial state of Earth, the first forms of life, and your own past lives. This gentle crystal can help you release mental programming from your past lives, ancestry, and current life experiences that insist you conform to someone else's plan. Stromatolite encourages you by summoning the energies of acceptance, helping you to understand the lessons of your life, and to live it with an open heart and mind.
Stromatolite is an excellent support stone while going through change; it encourages you to stand in your own power so you can fulfill your soul goals. The chakra associations of this stone are Earth Star, Root, Sacral, and Heart, encouraging balance and the relief of stresses associated with everyday life.
Using stromatolite:
  • Add stromatolite to a crystal grid for helping you connect to your life path and to bring it into harmony with your life.
  • Stromatolite carried in your pocket can help you release stress and negative thoughts.
  • Hold stromatolite in your hand during meditation to explore your past lives.
As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: 3/4"- 1.25”

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