Black Onyx Tumbled Crystal for Grounding, Strength, Self-Mastery, Focus, Intention, Endurance

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Onyx is an incredible stone for harnessing your inner strength. It enhances your endurance and enables you to carry out difficult or even dull tasks through to their completion. This crystal increases your ability to focus. Through this focus, you can learn challenging new information and a boost to memory retention that onyx brings. It is a stone of self-mastery helping you to control, focus, and direct your will.
Black onyx teaches us how to use the energy and power and apply it into a positive force. When you find your energy lagging or your focus for a project or task at hand, onyx can help you with the discipline to carry on to the end. It is an excellent crystal to help you keep your cool and bring about the positive changes you wish with a grounded influence.
Using onyx:
  • Wear or carry onyx to stay focused on your tasks and duties to see them finished.
  • Place onyx near your water bottle to add influence to keep you grounded.
As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.
Price is per stone.
Size: from 0.5"-1"

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