Healing Affirmation Pillar Candle for Calming, Ease Stress, Wholeness, Healing Spell, Candle Magick

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When faced with the challenge of healing, you can use all the help you can get. Healing occurs on all the levels of the self, emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical. This candle supports you spiritually and emotionally, helping you cope with any physical and mental changes you are currently experiencing.

Each candle is poured with intention when the moon is right, making this an excellent tool for your spells, rituals, altars, ceremonies, or meditation space.

An affirmation: My healing begins with my intent of health, is empowered by my desire for wholeness and is materialized by my willingness to flow within my truth.

Size: 2" x 4"
Burning Time: approximately 30 hours
Scent: honeysuckle, cedar

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