Angels - Blessed Affirmation Pillar

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Sky blue candle with a sweet floral blend. Whether you need assistance from a heavenly angel or an angel incarnate on this earth, this Angels Affirmation candle will bring you the gentle confidence that your help is here.

Affirmation: I see the miracles that my angels work within my life. I feel their presence around me and recognize them in others.

Hand poured in the tradition of the hugely popular Blessed Herbal Candles, these candles have been created to incorporate the life-changing powers of positive affirmations. Embrace and discover their success; body, mind & spirit.

Your thoughts are the first step to creating the life you desire - the Affirmation candles the second step. The blend of oils that lend their alluring botanical aromas, colors and words appeal to all of our five senses to create a tangible environment for your thoughts to manifest.

Each candle includes a powerful affirmation and we invite you to choose from our line of twelve distinct and unique Affirmation candles for your daily intentions. These beautiful candles have a 100% lead-free cotton wick for a clean and eco-friendly burn.

4" x 2" with a 30 hour burn time.

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