Success Affirmation Pillar Candle for Manifestation, Victory, Self-Mastery, Triumph, Candle Magick

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Success and victory come through self-mastery. Burning this brilliant success affirmation pillar fills you with determination, courage, wisdom, vitality, and a little luck combine to clear the way towards achieving your goals. Triumph over what blocks you external conflicts, inner struggles, bad habits, or financial/personal success. The first step is to build your confidence, balance your intentions, and keep moving. The most significant victory is mastering yourself.

Each candle is poured with intention when the moon is right, making this an excellent tool for your spells, rituals, altars, ceremonies, or meditation space.

An affirmation: Courage, wisdom, and vitality fill me and ready me to face this challenge. I become confident with the continual motion to move through these blocks and dare to face this conflict. I master my own emotions and fears to attain my most tremendous success.

Size: 2" x 4"
Burning Time: approximately 30 hours
Scent: geranium, nutmeg, allspice

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