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The Power of Affirmation

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We all *know* the power of the affirmation can hold in our lives, yet the simplest magick is also the one that often remains largely unused in many of our current magickal practices. 

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a statement which asserts something. An affirmation is a statement of truth which carries with it the magick of manifestation and truth. We are calling this charge into life. If you think of it, we say things like "you are what you eat" when referring out our eating habits, why then would we not also apply it mentally, spiritually and emotionally in "we are what we think." Words are power and thoughts are powerful words.

For just a moment, consider your day to day life. Which statements are more powerful for manifestation below:

  • I am strong and steadily overcome challenges.
  • I can overcome challenges.
  • I believe in my strength to overcome challenges.
  • My challenges are easy to overcome.

In looking at the four statements above, you may wonder what the difference is since they all say the same thing in different ways. The differences are minor and to some people can mean the difference between a positive working attitude and one that fluctuates. Let's break it down a little bit by sentence, as I see them.

I am | strong | and steadily overcome challenges.

  • I am - a powerful way to begin an affirmation, a declaration of fact.
  • strong - you have provided yourself a positive trait in strength.
  • steadily overcome challenges - here you have presented an action that sets a positive outcome that you have decided is fact.

I can | overcome challenges.

  • I can - is another good way to begin, for me personally, I do not like to use can as it gives my mind a way to wiggle out of success.

I believe | in my strength to overcome challenges.

  • I believe - yet again an excellent way to begin. Beliefs can be tricky though and can inhibit us from our success if even for a moment your will and confidence flags.

My challenges are easy to overcome.

  • My challenges - taking ownership of the "thing" is a strong way to begin. If they are owned by you, they can be changed, by you.

Are you looking for products that might help boost your affirmations?  We carry an amazing assortment of Affirmation Pillar candles, here's one of my personal favorites:

Goddess Affirmation Pillar

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess, a great "oracle" style deck where you can choose a new card everyday to set your affirmation.  Comes in a sturdy box with a guidebook.

Centered Inspirations necklaces such as Live with Courage, can bring the power of affirmation to your sacred and daily jewelry.

Our Tree of Life Blessing charms come intuitively chosen to you with an affirmative statement to help, look on it anytime you need a boost.

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