Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess

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The Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess card and book set explores the evolutionary wisdom of your life’s journey towards meaning and purpose. The goddess cards can inform you of spiritual lessons for your healing and becoming more empowered. They will teach you more about yourself and your life’s purpose.

Your life journey to self-knowledge and wisdom encompasses some of the following:

  • Having a passion to know the answer to life’s most challenging questions and starting the journey.
  • Liberating yourself from disempowering and limiting beliefs.
  • Moving past your personality and embracing your authentic self.
  • Learning how to correctly translate inner guidance and then using that universal wisdom as a way to guide you to your highest truth and the greatest meaning in your life.
  • Enduring the "dark night of the soul" and much, much more.


Sage Woman Magazine Review by Leah Samul ~ This deck is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Artist, illustrator, and designer Pamela Wells has created a Tarot-based tool for transformation as visually stunning as it is psychically. Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a lushly illustrated deck that can be used for divination, contemplation, or affirmation. Strong, beautiful women adorn these cards, evoking the energies of the Tarot and Goddesses from around the globe. Pamela Wells is a remarkably talented artist, and her paintings are nothing short of heavenly. Even the back of the cards which depict a jaguar peeping out of dense jungle foliage are lovely enough to grace an altar or shrine or serve as a focus during meditation and ritual.

These cards are a powerful magickal tool. The companion volume includes information on the Jungian associations of each card, pertinent quotes from the world’s sacred texts, and includes affirmations, guided visualizations, questions for contemplation, magickal workings and poetry for each card. Each one is accompanied by information on how to understand the cards message and work with it magically. This is not just another pretty face deck but a tool of transformation and self-awareness that sheds much light for the reader.

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is the type of magical item that anyone can embrace. Beautiful and resonant, these cards can be used in divination, prayer and contemplation. Highly recommended.

S. Schauer, Tarot Reader ~ Other reviewers here have written eloquently and in detail about this lushly beautiful deck... Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is one of the most beautifully produced deck sets I have ever had the pleasure to own and work with. The quality of independently produced decks can be woefully uneven despite generally commanding higher prices than their mass-produced counterparts. Somehow Pamela Wells has managed to create a far better than usual product despite its exceedingly (and almost bafflingly) low price tag. The bottom line, if you have concerns about this set’s quality, you need not worry. It’s a beauty!

This Collector’s set includes 22 oversized, gold-framed Affirmation Cards for prayer and meditation, a 120-page spiritual Guidebook and a Wisdom Prayer Guide to be used in conjunction with the cards.

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