Celtic Wand Pewter with Crystal Tip for Focus, Directing Energy, Witchcraft Spells & Rituals, Altar

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Our Celtic Pewter Wand is crafted with 100% lead-free pewter and set with a beautiful faceted Austrian crystal tip to aid you in your spiritual practice and provide you with a lifetime of magickal use. The textures on this wand are a representation of time and space, mysterious, infinite, and ever-changing. Celtic interlaces represent all the cultures of which the Celts have been a part, including Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, and of course Celtic. This beautiful wand calls forth ancient memories to help you focus your energy in rituals and spells.

Wands are often used for directing energy, focus, and intention during rituals and ceremonies found in Wiccan or Pagan practices. One use in ritual is to focus and direct your to create and raise a circle of protection at the beginning of a ritual or meditation. By pointing the wand, you are focusing your intent on creating sacred space; you draw an energetic circle.

Size: 8"

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