History of Witches in the Western World Certification Course

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Earn Certification in
Advanced Paganism History Studies with our latest course "Witches of the Western World"

This course will provide an in-depth approach to the history of witchcraft in the Near East, Europe, and North America, as told through the tales of the mythological and historical figures associated with witchcraft and magick from the dawn of mankind to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Through the analysis of their biographies and the contexts within which they “lived”, you will be presented with the varied spectrum of women and men who have been labeled as ‘witch’ throughout time; and the anthropological transformations which occurred throughout history regarding the changing figure of the ‘Witch’ and the nature of her/his power and their presence within the politics and pop culture of their society.

Image above is of the mythic "Mother Damnable of Camden Town and Kentish Town".

If you have not yet visited our website and submitted your enrollment form, we invite you to click this link to be taken there in order for you to learn more about our educational offerings and enroll today!

Through each lesson you will find yourself absorbed in the depth of our rich history. This is an in-depth, fascinating look into the very roots of Witchcraft on the western continents. The course is filled with scientific fact, archaeological theory, and deep mythos.

Immerse yourself in our rich history and find yourself understanding your spirituality and practice better than ever before!

Personal Interaction, Training and Assessment

Through our online message boards you will be engaging with teachers and facilitators highly trained in the field of archaeology and ancient religious practices, along with all of your fellow students who will also be taking the History of Witches in the Western World. Your coursework will be submitted via our online system, and you will receive personal assessment and commentary directly to you as you progress through the course. Enjoy robust conversation and communication as you explore our mysterious history with your fellow witches around the world!

Price includes $25.00 enrollment fee and 1 month of tuition at $25.00 per month, this is for your first month only.  A link to subscribe to a monthly tuition plan will be emailed to you after your enrollment, to be completed at the following calendar month.    


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