Sweetgrass Braid for Smudging, Purification, Ritual, Ceremony, Initiations, Peace, Consecration

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Seasonal harvest! Our sweetgrass is sourced from Native American reservations and each one is hand braided. Smudging and the burning of herbs have been used all over the world in many cultures to improve the environment and elevate our energetic bodies for rituals.

Burning sweetgrass as an aromatic incense or in the braid in sacred ceremonies can be seen among both Native North Americans as well as some indigenous groups in Europe. Traditionally, with many native tribes of North America, it is used as an incense for purification before rituals, healing rituals, initiations, and peace ceremonies. It is said that the scent will cleanse the spirit and bring messages from higher planes.

Sweetgrass, when burning, does not produce a dangerous flame but smolders as you wave it or gently fan the smoke in the area you are in.

Each sweetgrass braid is 14-17 inches in length and comes to you carefully delivered and ready to be used in your ceremonies.

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