Yule Celebration Kit Includes Handmade Celtic Pentacle Ornament, Bayberry Votive with Holder & More

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Elevate your seasonal holiday rituals with our beautiful Yule Celebration Kit. Crafted and curated by seasoned practitioners with treasures you'll use year after year. Included in this stunning kit are a handmade wooden Yule Celtic Pentacle Ornament strung with a hand-dyed burgundy silk ribbon, an all-natural real Bayberry votive candle made with genuine bayberry wax, two ritual-sized sticks of our delicious handmade Yule incense, a heavy-weight brass bell, a large tumbled snowflake obsidian gemstone, a large tumbled garnet crystal, a vibrant red & gold triple moon altar cloth, and one beautiful pine green glass votive holder. These beautiful items are hand packed in a gorgeous black box that is tied with a length of hand-dyed red silk ribbon.

About the included items:

*Real Bayberry Votive:
Our bayberry votives are the purest, cleanest Bayberry candles made with the most bayberry wax of any candle on the market!

Bayberry has long been associated with the holiday season; however, it can be used year-round to bring abundance and prosperity to your life! Our real, all-natural, 100% paraffin-free, Bayberry votive candles are made in the traditional way: hand-poured from the pale, nearly translucent, green fat skimmed off the top of a boiling vat of bayberries. We use only the finest, purest bayberry wax (without adding fragrance oil), filtered beeswax, and a touch of soy and paraffin to ensure a long, clean burn and a tall, beautiful flame.

The Traditional Yule Bayberry Candle Poem

This Bayberry candle is a gift from a friend, On Yuletide Eve burn it down to the end. A Bayberry candle burned down to the socket, Brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket!~ Author unknown

Size: 2" x 1.25"
Burntime: 15-20 hours in a tight-fitting votive holder

*Wooden Celtic Pentacle Ornament:
Our exclusive ornament is lovingly handcrafted of beautiful maple and strung with a hand-dyed burgundy silk ribbon. Each ornament is blessed with positive intentions to bring you seasonal joy year after year. The pentagram is circled with a wreath of evergreen, poinsettia flowers, berries, and leaves.

The pentacle is a powerful, sacred symbol for Witches, Wiccans, and pagans. It is used to honor the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, signified by each point of the star. The circle that surrounds them symbolizes the unity, wholeness, and interconnectivity of all.

Size: 2.5" x 2.5"

*Triple Moon Altar Cloth:
In vibrant red with decorative gold markings, this satin altar cloth will bring beauty and elegance to your altar or sacred space.

The triple moon is a powerful, sacred symbol for Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans. It is used to symbolize and honor the Maiden, Mother, and Crone triple goddess. It signifies the three distinct phases a woman goes through in her lifetime, which is also symbolic of the phases of the moon: Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

Size: 21" x 21"

*Pine Green Glass Votive Holder:
In beautiful pine green, this glass votive holder will offer a stand-out performance holding your True Bayberry votive with the accompanying red triple moon altar cloth.

Size: 2.6" x 2.1"

*Yule Incense:
Our Yule incense sticks are handcrafted with crisp bayberry and snow-laden evergreens, invoking the joy and beauty of the Winter Solstice. It's a perfect scent for the season that is celebrated during this point on the Wheel of the Year.

Size: Two ritual-sized sticks

*Heavy Weight Small Brass Bell:
The heavyweight small brass bell makes an excellent addition to any celebration. Clear-toned and ready to help you ring in harmonic energy and power; making it perfect for welcoming the rebirth of the Sun.

Size: 1.5"

*Snowflake Obsidian:
Snowflake obsidian carries courage and persistence within, ideal for this time of year when we may be residing on the edge of hope, yet never quite daring to hope. It assists in perceiving sources that can aid in your path and journey that may have been overlooked previously. It helps you to pay attention to the details, recognizing the guidance and assistance that is there to help you see the light as it returns to the world at the winter solstice.

Size: approximately 1" - 1.25"

Garnet has been called "the stone of contentment", to our purpose, to others, and to ourselves. The loving energies of garnet tend to reflect attributes of devotion, bringing the love of others via expressions of warmth and understanding; emotions we often feel more of during this holiday. Garnet helps us realize that surrendering stagnant/old energies, brings freshness to our lives. The energies of garnet help amplify emotional and intellectual regeneration to achieve acceptance with renewal and self-discovery.

Size: approximately 1" - 1.25"

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    Yule Celebration Kit

    Published by Xandria on 18th Nov 2022

    I love the ornament! The candle set is so fragrant. I just love it. The stones are good sized and great quality. The altar cloth is vibrant and the incense smells divine. The bell is small but super cute. It all came in a lovely package too. Very happy!

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