Vegan Candle - Mini Spell Candle Four Colors to Choose From - Use in Spells, Rituals, and Meditation

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A slightly larger, all-natural version of our classic mini spell candle. Finally, a mini spell candle with absolutely no paraffin and all-natural dyes! 100% vegan!

Our natural, vegetarian wax mini spell candles are made with 100% pure vegetable and coconut wax, all of which have been ethically and sustainably sourced. They are completely fragrance-free. They have no paraffin, soy, and the wax is totally GMO-free. Our spell chime candles are colored with REACH compliant, vegetable-based dyes ensuring a safe burn. Our natural wax spell candles are fair trade certified and made in Java. Completely dripless, clean-burning, and have 100% cotton wicks.

Our vegan spell candles come in four colors and are the perfect size for rituals and spells where you let your candles burn out completely. 

Burn time: approximately 2 hours

Size: 4.5" length x  1/2" width (fits most mini spell candle holders)

** Price is per candle. **

Color Correspondence Guide

Green: Corresponds to the heart chakra, the earth goddesses, the element earth, the Green Man (or Horned God), nature, wealth, abundance, luck, fertility, prosperity, longevity, and healing. When representing the earth goddesses, green will almost always appear along with blue. Green is especially useful in color magic spells for healing and wealth drawing.

Ivory: Corresponds to spirituality, cleansing, perfection, intuition, healing, freedom, opportunity, forgiveness, communication for the highest good and acceptance.

Red: Corresponds to the element fire, the root chakra, the god Ares, Mars, love, passion, sex, self-confidence, courage, success, strength, home blessing, creativity, persistence, energy, vitality and female work during moontime. It is often used in love and healing spells. It is also associated with grounding (the Root Chakra), and with any powerful emotion. Red is the color of the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess.

White: Corresponds to spirituality, cleansing, purity, perfection, peace, innocence, integrity, healing, freedom, opportunity, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is also a color of simple power. White carries the powers of all the colors. It can be directed towards almost any use and can enhance the power of other color magic in spell work. It helps eliminate negative energy and creates inner peace. It is used by many cultures in purification rituals. It also corresponds to the Maiden form of the Triple Goddess. This is a perfect color to use universally for any spell or healing need.

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    vegan candles in white and ivory

    Published by Jennifer on 9th Feb 2023

    I recently ordered these beautiful vegan candles. They were exactly as described and just as I hoped for. Sacred Mists got my order to me incredibly quickly and just in time for Imbolc, which I greatly appreciate. I am very pleased and will shop here in the near future.

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