Sunstone Crystal Pyramid for Personal Power, Freedom, Abundance, Leadership, Transformation

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Our Sunstone crystal pyramids are an excellent addition to your crystal healing needs and are ready to amplify the energy of your crystal grid or meditation space. As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color. The price is per crystal pyramid sized 18-20mm.

Grid Layout Tip: Place the pyramid in the center of your crystal grid to enhance and focus the energy of the surrounding stones.

About Sunstone:

Sunstone is an incredibly energetic stone for personal power, freedom, and expanding consciousness. This stone is about teaching you to use the skills and abilities you have been given in service to others. Sunstone can kindle the fire of leadership with those who carry it. If you already feel called to lead, sunstone helps you find the conviction to move forward. If you are held back by far or self-doubt, you will discover that sunstone melts away these emotions and the overall sense of unworthiness.

Sunstone is also a stone of abundance. It teaches you to utilize your skills and abilities, not only in the service of others but to help you take action and manifest your desires.

Additionally, sunstone is known for the stimulation of the energetic bodies helping to transform anger into more useful energy, as well as raising the frequency of your emotional patterns.

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