Seven Chakras Carved Candle Plate and Shallow Bowl for Burning Candles, Incense, Smudge, Offerings

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Each of our Seven Chakras candle plates is individually hand-carved out of black soapstone. Each one is adorned with shimmering paint in stunning and colorful detail and is a perfect addition to any altar or sacred space. Add the balancing energy of the chakras by using this for burning candles, holding offerings, holding smudge bundles, and storing your crystals on your altar. If you add a little bit of sand to the bottom you can also use it to burn joss incense sticks, incense cones, or even use charcoal blocks with your resin and herbal incenses. The sand will insulate and protect the soapstone.

As these are handcrafted from natural black soapstone and hand-painted, please allow for variations in striations and depth of color in the soapstone and some imperfection in the painted areas.

Size: 5" diameter 0.75" height

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