Septarian Palm Stone for Grounding, Centering, Past Life Work, Easing Stress & Anxiety, Earth Energy

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Septarian is an incredibly beautiful crystal that is millions of years in the making. It holds within its swirling center a piece of ancient history and the wisdom of the earth. Our septarian crystals are premium quality and ethically sourced from small, family-owned mines in Brazil.

Some of the most common minerals that create these beautiful concretions are aragonite, calcite, limestone, and sometimes barite joins the mixture. It is believed that these stones were formed roughly 50-60 million years ago when much of the world was covered in water, including volcanoes. When these volcanoes would erupt, nearby sea life would be wiped out, leaving behind the minerals from that life to fall to the seafloor as sediment and form together in these nodules. These nodules would continue to grow as this occurred time and time again until the oceans eventually receded leaving these concretions to be left behind and then crystallizing into aragonite and calcite crystals.

Septarian is formed from these crystals and takes on their properties and makes them its own unique healing crystal. Looking briefly at those energies you can see how they come together into something truly amazing and healing.

Aragonite helps to remove stress and anxiety through calming energy.
Calcite is a stone of spirituality, it helps the memory and clears energy fields.
Limestone is a grounding stone used to ground body and spirit, nurturing the physical and emotional bodies.
Barite helps clear energy blockages in the upper chakras which will allow for your third eye to see and interpret visions.

When you combine those together you see that septarian is a strong conduit for earth energy, making it excellent for grounding and centering. When you are more grounded, your stress reduces allowing your anxieties and even anger to be eased. When this happens you feel lighter, freer, and perhaps even happier or joyful. With the connection to earth energy, you can rely on this crystal to help you find stability and strength to overcome. your challenges. As a truly ancient creation of the Earth, it can be considered a stone of wisdom and an aid to help us invoke visions of past lives by traveling through the ages with this crystal.

As these stones are natural gifts from Mother Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

The price is per stone.

Two sizes available:
Medium- 1.25"-2"
Large- 2"-2.5"

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