Sacred Oak Fire Etched Elder Futhark Rune Set for Divination, Psychic Readings, Viking Runes, Wood Rune Sets, Oak Rune Sets, Handmade Runes

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Beautifully made from a single piece of gorgeous oak, this fire etched rune set will make an excellent tool for divining the answers you seek. Runes are magickal source of wisdom and guidance. When you use them, they will help you to uncover the answers to your deeper questions and provide inspiration in your daily life, direction in your decision-making, and spiritual blessings on your ventures. They are perfect to use during spellwork and rituals.

Each rune set includes 24 runes, each approximately 0.5" in size and engraved with the runic symbols of the Elder Futhark. Each rune is individually hand-etched. This beautiful rune stone divination set provides for a lifetime of magickal use.

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