Prosperity and Abundance Votive Candle Real Bayberry Wax, Beeswax and Soy for Spell Candle, Ritual Candle, Money Drawing, New Opportunities

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Freshly poured in small batches, our Prosperity and Abundance candles are unique in that they are the only prosperity intention candle on the market made with pure bayberry wax!

Taking four pounds of bayberries to make one pound of wax, pure bayberry wax cannot stand alone when making candles. The wax is too hard, resulting in a flame that is small and irregular as a result of its extreme density. Because of this, we add filtered beeswax sourced from small farms to our blend, resulting in the finest, purest, most natural, bayberry-rich candle on the market. We use only the finest, purest bayberry wax, filtered artisanal beeswax, a touch of soy, and naturally derived fragrance to ensure a long, clean burn, a delicious scent throw, and a tall, beautiful flame to bring your prosperity and abundance intentions to fruition.

Perfect for intentions, meditations, and magick rituals focusing on:

- Prosperity
- Abundance
- New Beginnings
- Renewal
- Fresh Starts
- Home Blessings
- To burn after smudging rituals
- Releasing negative energy

Long and clean burning with 100% cotton wick.

The price shown is per votive candle.

Size: 2" x 1.25" votive
Burn time: 15-20 hours in a tight-fitting votive holder.

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