Pentacle Tea Light Candle Trio Set: Bring Magic into Your Living Space for Meditation, Candle Magick

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Illuminate Your Space With Your Choice of Six Enchanting and Intention-filled Hues Embedded with Spiritual Symbolism!

Discover the magic of our Pentacle Tea Light Candle Trio Set, meticulously crafted to brighten your sacred spaces with a blend of mystical charm and timeless elegance. Whether you're setting the ambiance for a meditation session, seeking to enhance your altar, or simply adding a touch of magic to your living space, these tea lights are the perfect choice.

Six Spiritual Colors: Choose your trio from a divine spectrum of colors including protective black tea light candles, purifying white tealight candles, mystic purple tea light candles, grounding green tealight candles, soothing blue tea light candles, and energizing red tealight candles, and set the perfect mood for any ritual or occasion.

The pentacle is a symbol of protection, balance, and the elemental forces, the pentacle design embedded on each tea light captures both beauty and significance. Its finely etched details reflect the care and precision put into crafting each piece.

These candles are perfect for spiritual practitioners, home decorators, gift-givers, or anyone looking to infuse a space with magic and serenity.

Step into a world of mystique and beauty with our Pentacle Tea Light Candle Trio Set. With their rich colors and symbolic design, they're a stunning addition to your altar and home and a perfect spell candle for your magickal intentions. Order yours today and let the magic unfold.

Each set includes 3 handmade pentacle tealight candles in your choice of color:

White tea light candles: Deity, clearing and cleansing, invocation, spiritual growth, enlightenment, all-purpose intention
Black tealight candles: Protection, Dignity, force, stability, banishing and releasing, transformation, enlightenment
Purple t-light candles: Spirituality, wisdom, devotion, peace, idealism, divination
Green tea light candles: Abundance, growth, wealth and prosperity, renewal, balance, fertility, luck, employment
Blue tealight candles: Peace, truth, wisdom, healing, protection, patience, harmony, home balance, understanding
Red t-light candles: Passion, courage, strength, intense emotions, love, energy, willpower

Paraffin blend wax with cotton wick.

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